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Disaster Planning

Are you and your family ready in case of a local or statewide emergencies?

None of us want to think that our home, business, or community could suffer from natural disasters or any type of worldwide infection such as Coronavirus (Covid-19) or any other pandemic flus but every citizen should take steps to better handle emergency situations. By reading the information listed below you can be better prepared to handle any type of local natural disaster or other types of disasters (such as health impacting outbreaks). Upper Cumberland Federal Credit union will always attempt to place a message on the credit union home page in the event of a disaster that affects any credit union location. We suggest that all credit union members check the home page periodically for special alerts that affect any credit union location. Also, you can view more information on being prepared for emergencies by clicking the government web site at that will help you, your family, or your business to be better prepared. Citizens should also review the government web site  for information on planning for worldwide infections.
Since all businesses must plan for different types of natural disasters such as tornado, fire, flood, ice storms, and other unexpected events we want to remind members of the many ways to have access to your funds regardless of the type of disaster. It may be a good time to evaluate the automated services that we offer that can be accessed from other locations outside of the Cumberland and Fentress County area. If you are not currently activated on any of the services listed below or have forgotten your PIN (personal identification number) please call the credit union staff at 931-484-9433, ext 136 or 931-863-9433 for more information.

Please don't wait until there is a local disaster to request any of these services that are listed below since some of these services take 24 hours to activate. Also, a disaster could also effect how many credit union employees are able to return to work so your credit union could be operating with a small percentage of staff during and shortly after a disaster. We encourage all member to plan and prepare for possible emergency situations by regularly using many of the automated options listed below in case the credit union staffing is limited:

Mobile Deposit - Deposit a check anywhere, anytime, by taking advantage of the Mobile Deposit feature on the UCFCU Mobile App! It is fast, convenient, secure, accurate, and easy!

Debit Card - can be used at merchants for purchases that have the Cirrus, Pulse, ACCEL/Exchange, MasterCard logo. Can also be used at ATM machines (fee charged at foreign ATM machines but no transaction fee charged using the Crossville or Clarkrange ATM machine) . Don't forget that many merchants allow you the option to get additional cash as you make a purchase with your debit card. Use your debit card up to eight (8) transactions per month at the following financial institutions without a surcharge fee and without foreign transaction fee: Cumberland County Bank, One Bank of Tennessee  (Putnam County), One Bank of Tennessee (White County), One Bank of Tennessee (Overton County), One Bank of Tennessee (Fentress County).

E-Branch Home Banking - can be used from any location after your account has been approved to be activated. you can review balances, make inquiries, transfer funds between your credit union accounts. (Make sure you use this E-Branch service at least once every 90 days or it is de-activated. )
Shared Branching  - If you know your credit union account number and have a photo ID, you can get balances, make loan payments, make deposits, or withdraw funds at over 4,000 credit union locations in the United States. Check out the locations at for more information.

Direct Deposit - What if you cannon drive to the credit union during a local disaster such as heavy snow, ice, flooding, tornado or pandemic flu epidemic? Direct deposit is a great way to have your funds directly posted to your account. Then, you have the many options listed above for accessing your funds from another location outside of the affected area. 

As an extra safety precaution in the event of any natural disaster in the Cumberland or Fentress County area the above automated services are controlled by locations outside of Tennessee. Event if you try one of the above way to access your account and it does not work, several of the other options listed could possibly work. Why? Because the credit union data processor is located in North Carolina, the web site is hosted in Tennessee, the E-Branch home banking is hosted in Texas. The ATM card and debit card program is also hosted outside of Tennessee ( New Jersey, Oregon, and Texas). This provides the member with several options for credit union service regardless of any event such as tornado, ice, major electrical outage, flood, etc. 

Phone Numbers in case of local natural disaster:

Crossville office: 931-484-9433 (Cumberland County) 
Ext. 107 for administration 
Ext. 121 for loan information
Ext. 136 for savings, checking or IRA information
Ext. 101 for accounting information

Crossville toll-free: 1-866-243-9433 (Cumberland County) 
Same extensions as above

Cookeville office: 931-400-5410 (Putnam County) 

Clarkrange office: 931-863-9433 (Fentress County) 

If the staff cannot be reached using the above phone numbers you should send an email to: and include your phone number of where you can be reached and cell phone is available. 
Cash Availability: In extreme cases of a natural disaster, cash withdrawal amounts may have to be limited at a particular credit union location. Example: Because of road conditions, currency deliveries to the credit union or a bank could be delayed to the Crossville or Clarkrange area which would limit the maximum amount that could be withdrawn until the major effects of the natural disaster has passed. By using all of the above automated features, you have several options of having access to your money at a variety of locations. Be sure to "Plan, Prepare, and Get Ready".

The above information will be reviewed quarterly and updated as necessary. 

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