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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction Options

Most employers now give employees the option of direct depositing their net pay into one or more financial institutions. Please remember that UCFCU receives thousands of direct deposits per month and can easily handle your direct deposit needs. Members would need the UCFCU routing number (264182337) and would need to give their employer their savings or checking number. UCFCU staff would be happy to help you with any concerns over direct deposit. Just call 931-484-9433, extension 101, extension 102, or extension 103 for more information. 

If Direct Deposit is not an option at your employer you may still be eligible for "Payroll Deduction". Many local employers provide a benefit to their employees by allowing a specific amount to be deducted from your pay and sent to UCFCU for Christmas Savings, IRA deposits, or for making a loan payment. Please call 931-484-9433, extension 130 for more information.

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