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Going Green can be E-asy!

At Upper Cumberland FCU we urge our members to GO GREEN! Here are a few ways to help save paper and time.
Use E-Branch to pay bills electronically, transfer funds between your UCFCU accounts, view eStatements and check balances. Click here to get enrolled in E-Branch, eStatements and/or E-Pay Bill Payment!
Use Statement Express to access your statements electronically rather than having us print and mail you a paper statement. You can enroll once you have enrolled in E-Branch. Tip...You may want to consider setting up a folder on your computer to download a copy of the statement for your long-term records. We will provide you a statement history for a period of 6 months. For longer-term record retention greater than 6 months please save yourself a copy of the statement. 
If you want to control what day of the month that your monthly bills are deducted from your account then sign up for the E-Pay bill payment option.* You set up bills for what day of the week (Monday-Friday excluding holidays) that you wish to authorize the money to be deducted from your account and sent to your service provider. An important note - Always pay your bill 5 days before the due date to allow time for the funds to arrive at your service provider (weekends - Holidays, etc.) 

*Please contact us directly to sign up for E-Pay
Easy Pay will save you the time and hassle of writing and mailing out checks each month.  Did you know you can have your water, gas, electric bill, phone bill, garbage pickup, cable or satellite TV, insurance premiums and many more monthly withdrawals deducted directly out of your UCFCU account by signing up through your local provider for such services? An important note - Always have the funds available in your account to cover the utility or insurance bill at least 2 days before the bill is set up to withdraw. This provides you some protection in case the due date falls on the weekend or a holiday which might cause the bill to be deducted 2 days in advance. 
Got a questions or comment for us? Send us an e-mail. It's quick and easy. Only please be sure not to submit any confidential information like SSN or Account Numbers through e-mail as it is not secure. 
When making a purchase at most retail stores with your debit card you are usually given an option to also withdraw additional cash. If you select this option you will save the cost of driving to an UCFCU ATM machine when you need cash which will also save you time. 
If you have a direct deposit option always consider using direct deposit to quickly fund your savings and/or checking account. This will save you both the time and the cost of fuel traveling to the credit union. For most members using direct deposit means the member will get credit for the deposit a few hours earlier each payday than waiting on picking up a paper check. 

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