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Savings & Club Accounts

Need to save some money? A share savings account is the perfect account to get you started! The minimum deposit is only $25. You can avoid a monthly service charge by using one (1) of the following services:

  • Receiving your statement online by using Statement Express found in E-Branch (Online Banking)
  • Having a direct deposit post to your account each month
  • Having a loan balance with Upper Cumberland FCU
  • Keeping an aggregate of $1,000 in your accounts (under the same primary account number)
Want to open a child's savings accounts? Just bring the child's birth certificate, social security card, and the $25 minimum! There is no monthly service charge on a child's savings account. Child may be required to be present. 

Regular Share Savings

A great budgeting tool for saving money. As the funds accumulate you may consider moving them into a certificate account or other type of investment account.

Wish Account/Club Savings

A great budgeting tool for saving for vacation, holidays, emergencies, school, repairs, taxes, and insurance. 

Christmas Made Easy

The Christmas Club is a great budgeting tool for saving for the holidays, winter heating bills, and property taxes. This account automatically transfers to your regular share savings account on November 1st of each year.

  • Matures November 1st
  • The maximum that can be placed in the Christmas Club is $10,000

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