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Shared Branches

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As a credit union member, you can now use Credit union Service Centers to conduct your credit union business when you are unable to come to our main office. 

What is a Credit Union Service Center?

The Credit Union Service Center is a "shared" facility cooperatively owned by participating credit unions in this state. These credit unions in turn work with credit unions in other states to link Credit Union Service Centers in every region of the country. 

Why "shared" facilities? 

Shared facilities are the most cost-efficient way to provide you with not only more convenience, but personal service, as well. By sharing facilities, credit unions can share the cost of operating the service center, remain independent and still extend person-to-person service to members in outlying areas, even in other states. Just as members own the credit union, credit unions together own the Credit Union Service Center. We think it's the best way to do business. 

Is the Credit Union Service Center a branch of my credit union? 

Not actually, but you can conduct most of the financial transactions you would ordinarily do at your credit union's office and branches at the Credit Union Service Center. No matter where the Credit Union Service Center is located, you can access your credit union account here, when you're there, because of the data processing "switch" built into the Credit Union Service Center System. Technology has made your credit union even more personal and accessible. Credit Union Service Centers are the "Member Friendly Financial Network." 

How do I use the Credit Union Service Center? 

You must have your photo ID with you and know your account number at Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union. They will not be able to look up your account by your name or social security number. If you do not  have this information for them, then they will NOT be able to process your transaction. Also, when you deposit a check with them you will not be able to get immediate cash from that deposit unless you have available funds already in your account. They will place a check hold on the deposited funds per account agreement of 2, 3, or 5 business days (depends on the type of check deposited) example: local, out-of-town, or credit card check. 

Do I pay a transaction fee for using the CUSC? 

No, members do not pay for transactions made through the tellers at the Credit Union Service Center. 

You can conduct most of the same transactions at a Credit Union Service Center that you do at your credit union's regular location. However, you cannot do the following:

  1. Join the credit union. 
  2. Correct errors on your account. 
  3. Actually make changes on your account. 

How do I find out if there is a location near me or my travel destination? 

Contact the credit union, we'll be happy to provide you with a list of locations nationwide, or you can go to for a complete listing. 

Credit Union Service Centers mean more convenience for you!

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